Mixed Gas Closed Circuit Rebreather Diver Course

not only go for longer dives, stay clearer in the head as well when going to even greater depths

This is the intermediate level certification course for divers wishing to utilize a Closed Circuit Rebreather (CCR) for mixed gas diving. The objective of the course is to train divers in the benefits, hazards and proper procedures for mixed gas diving on the unit specific CCR, utilizing a mixed gas diluent containing sixteen (16%) percent or greater oxygen, and to develop intermediate CCR diving skills appropriate to technical diving to a maximum of two hundred (200) fsw / sixty (60) msw.


Be a minimum age of eighteen (18).
Have a verified log of a minimum of fifty (50) rebreather hours distributed over a minimum of fifty (50) dives on the specific rebreather. Fifty (50) % deeper than sixty six (66) fsw / twenty (20) msw. All to be deeper than twenty (30) fsw / nine (9) msw. If the diver has fifty (50) hours on another CCR unit recognized by TDI, only twenty five (25) hours are required to be on the specific unit.
Have completed and qualified the TDI Air Diluent Decompression Procedures Rebreather Course or equivalent from agencies recognized by TDI.


Minimum of three hundred sixty (360) minutes open water training to be completed over a minimum of six (6) dives including one (1) equipment configuration and drills practice air diluent dive to a maximum one hundred thirty (130) fsw / forty (40) msw.
All subsequent dives to build incrementally in no greater than thirty three (33) fsw / ten (10) msw steps.
Only one (1) dive is on air diluent all others are to be mixed gas dives.
All mixed gas dives are to be deeper than one hundred thirty (130) fsw / forty (40) msw utilising a mixed gas diluent containing sixteen (16%) percent or greater oxygen.
Four (4) dives must be decompression dives.


990 €

ccr level 1